Sunday, April 1, 2007

Playing Tag

Playing Tag is carefree, exhilarating, with no deadlines, no expectations you just play the game -- racing against yourself to keep from getting tagged - suddenly you're it. Now what? Can you relate this to your writing?

You've read, you've studied this was the carefree, exhilarating part. There were no deadlines or expectations. It was just you exploring, but all of a sudden you are out there. It's your turn, it's your words being loved or rejected, shoved back into an SASE (self-addressed, stamped, envelop) to be returned to you along with a standard form "Not for us." A rejection and you are crushed. You decide this game is not for you. You decide you aren't tough enough to chase after someone and tag them only to have them say - I'm on the goal you can't tag me - Your work is no good we don't want it.

Something inside you won't let you quit. It's like Issac Asimov said, "I write for the same reason I breathe, for without it I would die," and you know it's true of you too. You chase, once again hoping to catch that brass ring, that illusive editor/publisher that thinks your work has that something special enough to be polished until it glows by the editorial staff and open the letter with trepidation, heart palpitating-- Dear Ms....We are delighted to offer you a contract for.... Your eyes blink back the tears and you read it again TAG YOUR IT! You did it, they want your story. You won't believe it until you read the contract, sign the contract send it in and have a signed copy come back in the mail to you.

Now it's time for the happy dance and cyber chocolates and champagne - you are IT you have been TAGGED. Perseverance has finally paid off. And that's what it takes is dogged perseverance. Once again you dig in and begin to write and send, and send and write and write You are a writer it's been confirmed and you have the contract to prove it.

A writer with verve, wit and chutzpah is soon to be a guest blogger at Printed Words - Joyce A Anthony author of the critically acclaimed novel STORM is to be our guest blogger on APRIL 13.
Don't miss her interview right here - find out how Storm came to be, what makes Ms. Anthony tick, and more.

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