Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Great Writing Tip 0r Trick to Grab the Writing Muse

Lists -- you make them every day - to do lists, grocery lists, birthday/event lists, writers can use them to their advantage. They can use them to spark their muse -- much like brainstorming or mind mapping - try this:
Make a list about something ordinary -- sorting laundry, garage sale, party games, grocery list--anything. Off the top of your head no pondering allowed = )
(I'll wait, go ahead and make your list..tum, da , dum, da dee, tum tum)
Okay you done? Good now take that list and take ten minutes or so (set your timer) Now read your list. Do you sense a rhythm to what you wrote down after a few lines?

Dark Blue - yeah you too
whites - pretty pinks work
undies - and a sundries
well okay that's stretching it but you see where I'm going-- What was your list about - was it about love and all the things you associate with it? Could you turn that into a poem? How about the argument you had, the anger you felt at the stupid driver who cut you off -- any topic is prime for a list and you never know what writing it could spark.

The Garage Sale list could include - a list of available items, the buyers you encountered, the seller, what the day was like - rainy, sunny, hot, cold, blustery--what of those items you haggled over--what history might they have had?

The imagination is a powerful tool, combine it with lists and you are on your way to opening new doors with your writing. Try it! You just might like it. Please let me know how you did - you can post a comment here or you can leave a comment at my web site I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your results.

More later. And don't forget to watch for our guest blogger - Joyce Anthony when she tells us about her writing career and her new release STORM that is taking the world by storm.

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