Sunday, March 25, 2007

Words - my stock in trade- I love them

When you think of dictionary you may think of MSWord's dictionary that interupts your writing to inform you of a misspelled word or the Oxford English Dictionary Tome that takes up several spots on the library shelf, or just a small pocket dictionary you tote with you wherever you go cause you love words too.

How about how you can use it to enhance your writing skills? Here is an exercise for you to try. Open a dictionary - any one - doesn't matter thesarus or even synonyms or antonyms even if you don't have a dictionary handy [though I can't imagine anyone wouldn't have a dictionary beside them at all times = ) ] Choose a word and write about it for 10 minutes - [set a timer so you don't need to keep looking at the clock and just write] When the time is up choose another random word and write for another 10 minutes. One more time, when the time is up pick another word - don't be choosey just open the dictionary close your eyes and point to a word -- use it. Write for 10 minutes more.

Take a look at these three pieces. Even though you chose different words from various places in the dictionary, they may have a common thread running through them because your mind gravitated to a certain thought. See if you can find that thread. Today my writing reflected spring and the rain that is cleaning all the dust and decay from the roads and yards -- I expect when the sun shines next the grass will be greening. What did yours reflect?

If you can't find a thread to your three pieces, try connecting the three separate pieces of writing some how.

Writer's write - and if you aren't writing every day you will find it hard to get anyone to accept the fact that you are a writer. Besides feeling more like a writer, writing everyday increases your ability to write. You will see yourself grow as a writer. If you don't believe that haul out an old piece from several weeks or months ago - can you see your growth as a writer?

WRITE ON! Cherish those words they are your stock in trade, your investment in your future. You could hand some one a dictionary and say here is my story - just select the words you like and put it together yourself. Indeed that would be a story, but it wouldn't have your uniqueness in it, it wouldn't have your voice. So make your voice one that people will seek out and want to read. Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. In your spare time - read, read, read that will also increase your ability.

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