Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ode to Spring

It may not be a mystery - or is it? Ode to Spring formed itself from my pen as if the rain flowed onto the page and here is the result.


Listen to the silence
Punctuated only by
The Spring of birds
Songs of renewal and thanks giving
Songs of lessons learned and new beginning

A single drop of rain
Drips and soggies food
No matter, cheerful chatter
Gives thanks
profusely for abundance

Gray clouds shroud the day
Bird songs spread the light
And raise the gray
Inside if not on the out

Juncos – pilgrim birds
Dresden plate pattern tails
Sparrows not one drops
Without God's notice

Buds of spring
Miracles of song
 And Robins

Tree branch's twigs
Weep drops of captured rain
Puddled bird bath dips
In path and road
Bird Songs

Listen to the silence
Between Winter and Spring
Before gold finch and wrens return
Before buds burst into full bloom
And maple sap nourishes
Thirsty birds
and you.

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