Monday, April 11, 2011

The Criminal Mind at Work...

Criminal mind? Well perhaps that's a stretch -- it's actually the writer's mind with criminal intent-- at work, correction -a mystery writer's mind to be specific, and its about my new WIP (that's Works In Progress). This one is titled - Orchestrated Murders. It still involves the criminal mind, it still is a mystery at work.The seventh in the Zodiac Series.

Leona Augustine is at home Christmas Eve Day preparing for this major celebration, her boy friend is off serving his duty to their, this is not another romance, this is not another Christmas story like every other one. When he returns Leona and Chadwick plan to marry, however, as we know--life, sometimes, has a way of changing those plans.

As is custom, a person with no family or friends to celebrate the holiday with is invited to the Christmas Eve Dinner with the Polish family. Oh, I forgot to mention, we pick Leona up in her native land of Poland, before she finds herself in circumstances that warrant her trip to America.

Thirteen year old Tomislaw, her brother, is in charge of finding and inviting a stranger in to the family celebration this year. Kevin Kratz, a museum owner from the Untied States, is that choice this year. Accident or fate...His visit changes the course of the Augustine family forever.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the Christmas Eve Day customs of Leona's Poland and how the criminal mind may be exercising his mind to work his evil  as this scene plays out.

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