Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Characters Can do For Your Fiction

It is said that fiction is life dressed up for a party and the writer controls the guest list. You can invite anyone, any type character you need or want into your story.

That makes writing a lot like acting--well, you see you, the writer, gets to play all the parts. Isn't that grand being behind the steering wheel all the time.

We think we are anyway. Sometimes, characters will jump in and just take over the ship - If you try to force them to go your way several things could happen.
1. You could alienate your readers because the story might not ring true to what your character would do in this situation you created.
2. You could wind up telling the wrong story and find yourself left blocked and never finishing the tale at all or it will not be the tale you are destined to tell.
3. Why fight it, go along with your character, at least until you see where s/he is heading. It may be a direction you never planned, but it may well be a better direction, a better what if. Try it!

When you create each character in your head you manufacture just enough details, enough information so that your reader can form his character to people your story that fits his mind or idea of the character. You will both be right...and it involves your reader.

Someone once said, "If your characters are having more fun than you, your on the right track." So roll out the red carpet and let your characters have a ball.
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