Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Sue A Telemarketer...

How to Sue A Telemarketer,
A Manual for Restoring Peace on Earth One Phone Call At a Time
Stephen I. Ostrow, Esq. and Ozmo Kramer
Reviewed by Billie A Williams

"Getting upset over a telephone call seems nitpicky. One termite is not a problem; left unchecked, better all the exterminator."

Tongue in cheek and a bit irreverent at times, How To Sue a Telemarketer combines strong ideas, and at times, strong language, with a clear and decisive call to action required by the reader. Lead, pushed and challenged to hit the telemarketer between the eyes for the interrupted dinner hour this book provides you with all the tools necessary to reclaim the peaceful family time without the unwanted interruption of the telemarketer.

From do not call lists to what telemarketers can legally do Ostrow and Kramer cover it all. A telemarketing worksheet is provided for you to be certain to get what you need to get from the telemarketer. From how to get the process rolling—to what forms you need to have in place before you arrive in court, you have it all in this reader-friendly, compact book.

In the appendix Ostrow and Kramer provide a complete Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) so that you can see for yourself what is protected and what is allowed in this telemarketing drama. Several of the forms that you will need to proceed with your plan to sue the telemarketer are also included.

Ostrow and Kramer provide a list of things that the telemarketer can be sued for – it’s not a blanket ruling that if someone telemarkets to you they can automatically be sued – if you are on the no-call list some telemarketers can still legally call you, but there are things you can do to stop them.

It’s not often you will find lawyer and humor in the same sentence let alone in a how to book, but this book offers them both. Sound legal advice from a couple of lawyers as well as it being presented with enough humor to take the edge off even the angriest consumer march to court.

An enjoyable read – and sure to give you a leg up on how to proceed when once again you are pestered while attempting to enjoy a quiet family dinner.


Rhobin said...

Interesting! Luckily I now get few marketing calls, but I used to hate them. I always argued with myself, its there job, be polite and listen, then say no, or just hang up. Part of the pain is learning the 'not interested, thank you," hang up procedure after years of being taught to be polite.

Word Crafter said...

Hi Rhobin,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I know about the be polite - but after awhile as you said it gets old hat. The good part of new technology now is if you have caller ID you don't have to answer their calls, but it still gets annoying.