Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a Whale of an Idea!

Whale Hunting is pages of solid, tested, proven advice about landing those huge corporate accounts that will boost your business to the top.

The Message: Stop wasting time with little accounts and start landing monster accounts. “…small fish keep you fed, but landing each whale-sized account can fill your corporate belly for years.” From inside Whale Hunting.
The Method: Nine easy steps provide clear, step-based models that will guide the reader every step of the way from finding, researching, ultimately landing and then harvesting that whale sized account to successfully grow your business.

The authors, extremely successful business people, have developed this proven (2 billion dollars in new sales) and practical system of targeting and getting those large corporate accounts that mean not just survival but growth for your own business.

It takes team work for a company to succeed, As Smith say, using the Whale Hunt metaphor is a perfect blue print for the feat of showing the how of success. No one person would set out in a row boat with hopes of returning with a whale, neither should you whale hunt without a team of cooperative supporters.

If you are looking for action-oriented, specific, actionable, methods to grow your company, harpooning big clients, Whale Hunting delivers. Once you understand the process and you will easily with the clear, concise language in this book, you’ll begin to understand how connecting your team to your target’s team creates the atmosphere of a successful partnership.

Get the book, devour it, and put every step into action. Success will be yours. It isn’t magic, but it delivers on its promise. Kudos to the team of Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith for an extraordinary book.

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