Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whale Hunting - it's not what you think

Whale Hunting

The Whale Hunters Process™
Whale hunting focuses on creating a disciplined sales culture in your company that allows you to optimize your ability to catch and harvest whales. This dramatic shift in thinking and practice precipitates explosive growth of your company’s revenues and market position.
The nine-phase process model is consistent across companies and industries, but each company maps the model to its own steps.
It all starts with knowing who you're hunting. With a focus on market and sales research and the creation of a target filter, scouting guides you to know, seek and harpoon whales whose business will be ideal for you.
Hunting focuses on communicating with, pitching, and securely closing your ideal whale accounts. Our method of progressive discovery and disclosure relies on critical questions at each step of the hunt.
Harvesting brings sales and non-sales departments together in an integrated process to ensure you harvest your whale effectively, efficiently and harmoniously. It includes key account management and growing new business with your best accounts.
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