Thursday, December 4, 2008

Appropriate Reasoning

You have to admit these are perfect gifts - Books that is - The printed word will never go out of style for any gift giving reason.

Two pertinent lists from Jessica James, author of Shades of Gray, posted on Amazon:

Top Five Reasons Why Guys Should Give Books as Gifts

5: She can't connect with a new sweater like she can with a book.
4: Hey guys, they're easy to wrap!
3: They come in all sizes, shapes and colors--what could be easier?
2: It's cheaper than a romantic getaway but can produce the same result.
1: Books are gifts of love and joy--and can create everlasting memories.

Top Five Reasons Why Girls Should Give Books as Gifts:

5: They're easy to store--on coffeetables, bookshelves, nightstands or countertops.
4: They never go bad no matter how long they're stored--and they can be used quickly or savored over time.
3: Books can teach, educate, entertain--and distract him from football.
2: It's a small investment that can return dividends for life.
1: Books are the perfect gift of enjoyment that don't require him to leave his chair.

[Thanks to Traci A. Lower.]


JanetElaineSmith said...

I love the reasoning of this gal. It makes perfect sense to me. And thanks for mentioning A Christmas Dream: A 3-Act Play. It (and the book) is sure to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winter day.

Word Crafter said...

Thanks for your comments Janet - and yes A Christmas Dream is originally Janet's novel that I adapted to a screen play for small/community theatre groups. It is a delightful Christmas story guaranteed to make you smile, cry and smile or just plain laugh out loud. Check it out at your local bookstore or online store of your choice.
Thanks Janet!