Monday, June 30, 2008

WANTED! Please find them!

Do you know who these two men are?
They aren't related I don't think - but I need help to find them - they both promised to be here July 1 and you'll want to stop by for a look see. I promise you -- you will be entertained - If you see them on the street -- Please run (just kidding) stop and say hi for me and give them a big old hug will ya?
Hope I'll see you tomorrow when we talk Owen Fiddler with (you guessed it - Owen himself )- I'll leave you to decide which is Owen and which is none other then Marvin Wilson *sigh*. So come on over and sit a spell -- that's tomorrow July 1, 2008


Joyce Anthony said...

I'm not sure, Billie--but didn't I see a picture of the one of the left posted on the Post Office wall?? :-)

Word Crafter said...

Aha that could be it Joyce = )
I'll have to go down there and see if I notice anyone giving him the once over - and start grilling
Maybe July 1 would be the day I can really get some dope on them on printed words....hmmm idea forming.