Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Rainy Sunday Morning

Hi All,
It's raining again except today it's more like fall then the inferno we've been having. Speaking of inferno - my friend Cricket Sawyer just got a contract from Forbidden Publications for her book Inferno - her sig line says Accidental Sleuths (think she copied me)
Incidental Romance (oh yah she's a romance writer I write mystery)
Heat Index, Inferno - (Guess she didn't copy me after all.)

But it's interesting Fires raging in California - Wild fires eating acres at a time -I remember my first Colorado wild fire - I was scared to death. As a Wisconsin girl, I never heard of a fire eating acres at a time - mile after mile of charred wilderness - animals fleeing with terror in their eyes not caring if they had to race blindly across wild freeways to get away from the all consuming fire. A most frightening experience for me - I can't imagine the fear the wild critters must have experienced.

Now we have all the flooding in Wisconsin and Iowa - heat that we aren't used to - and no where to run from the breaking levees and the roaring rapids of rivers gone wild.

I still think you may enjoy a little respite from it all and keep on the look out for Cricket's book. I have one Ancient Secrets coming out from Wings ePress, Inc. in September which I'll be shouting about soon. Maybe even have a contest or two for some goodies to take your mind off the heat and water of the summer.

Meantime be sure to come back to printed words on July 1 for Owen Fiddler and Marvin Wilson they'll be stopping at my blog as they talk about the new Owen Fiddler book - you will never meet two more disarming, curmudgeony, lovable guys then these two. So mark your calendars and be sure to come by.

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