Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prepare to Take Off (with your writing that is)

Hang On To Your Pen and Get Ready To Take Off
by Billie A Williams

Statistics, you got to love them – even if you hate them. You can make them say whatever you want —if you are clever at turning a phrase. However, some statistics can’t be manipulated no matter how hard you try.

For instance,
290,000 books were published in 2006 – makes you feel like a needle in a haystack if you are an author. Where do you fit, how can you possibly hope to compete? Take heart!

31 Billion dollars a year is, according to a recent survey, spent on book purchases. That’s a lot of change. I imagine some are purchased for schools, but many of their textbooks are used year after year with minimal replacement. So, you have to think that most books are purchased for personal reasons. All you have to do is write the book you are passionate about, market it like there is no tomorrow, and you may carve out your slice of that Billion dollar pie.

Speaking of writing — did you know that if you have an idea that you think sounds like a great first line, gets you unstuck on your current WIP (Works in Progress) or just takes your breath away—you only have 37 seconds to capture that fleeting pellet of wisdom before it floats away on the ether? And even if you can recall bits and pieces of it — within 7 minutes it will be gone forever.

Now do you know why you are cautioned to always keep pen and paper within easy reach? Amazing! Our brains are veritable libraries housing tomes and tomes of information, but a fleeting nugget of information doesn’t necessarily take up residence in that gray matter. As Mark Victor Hansen says, “As soon as you think it ink it,” good advice I’m thinking.

“It’s not what you think of; it’s what you write down AND take action on that counts.” Jack Canfield. [Emphasis mine]

Action is the key to success. You can sit in the middle of the road and think all you want – you’ll either get run over or dehydrate while your muscles atrophy, but you won’t get anywhere. If you want to be one of those who are getting a piece of the Billion Dollar Book pie, you need to TAKE ACTION.

So what are you waiting for? GET WRITING !

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Billie A Williams, Award winning author of over two dozen fiction works, plus non-fiction and poetry books, articles, columns and recently a 3-Act Play to be released July 2007. (where you can visit other authors of her Word Mage writing group)

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