Friday, May 4, 2012

Monday's Child Is...

Monday's Child is Fair of Face
The poem, is "Monday's Child" and the first line of the poem is your chance to win a copy of Antique Armor just for playing. Read on to find out how.

No one takes Antiques at "face value" at least, not anyone with any experience in the antique business. June Fabrizio, owner of The Antique Rose Antique Shop is no exception. When a suit of antique armor winds up on her door step, troubles seem to have come calling with it. 

Days later, a note discovered in the suit of armor says "She killed me." Who, where and why? And all those same questions surface about the suit of armor as well.

Monday's child may be fair of face, but June knows things are not always as they seem. Sisters' share parents, genes and even faces, but personalities? Not always. Is June's sister Belinda part of the problem? She has always been in June's face over anything to do with the family. Why is it she seems so obsessed with the antique suit of armor? 

If you write, give your story wide berth and see what faces develop in their wake. You may be surprised.
How many times does the word face appear in this post? (Even if face is the complete word—as long as it is part of a word it counts) Put your answers in the comment section to receive your change to win a copy of Antique Armor, a mystery suspense or if you are a writer and would prefer a print copy of Writing Wide, Exercises in Creative Writing.

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