Friday, December 30, 2011

Territorial - Responsibility - Secrets

The goddess Ebony misses her beads will they be returned before its too late?

We are, by nature, territorial. Our living space depends on our status which depends on our country, state, town and even the environmental conditions such as weather.

As I watched the bird feeder stations outside my panoramic kitchen window I observed the territorial activity of the early morning feeders, creatures of nature, free from rules--or are they?

A gray squirrel seemed almost frightened about the rabbit while both were engaged in eating the sunflower seeds the birds had pushed out of the other feeders. A huge black crow sauntered down the road bed sorting through and feeding on pedestrian-tossed leftovers. I use the term pedestrians loosely—the walker, jogger, bicyclist and various modes of propelled vehicular transportation populated by humans who, with careless disregard for the rights of others, tossed whatever half-eaten, half-drunk morsels or super sized portions they no longer needed or wanted. 

We have no street cleaners in this small-town, rural community so it is left until home owner/me or the crows, mice, voles, ground squirrels and/or an array of other scavengers see fit to take off with it or dispose of it. I go from enjoying view to my ruffled feathers over other people's lack of concern, or is it responsibility, for my territory – my space. 

Whether it's setting as the background for a fictional story or our own reality we have certain expectations about setting and the things that influence those conditions.

There are countries where you are not allowed to own the land. 

When Native American's were first encountered in America, the concept of owning land was against their beliefs. Some cultures still adhere to that belief. That doesn't give anyone license to use the land and resources irresponsibly. Quite the opposite. It means everyone is responsible for every last inch of space the Universe encompasses, from land to water, and the air one breathes.  Isn't that a better way to look at our territorial rights? 

Could you build a story around a setting with this mind set?  Where universal ownership results in a new kind of manifest destiny—a shared pride in and code of ethics for survival and well being of all?

Of course, there are still territorial issues. Some people are very uncomfortable when another invades their space, their territory, with in-your-face closeness. We are still territorial as are the creatures in nature.

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