Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Simple Solutions Ramp Up Your Productivity.

Start a Treadmill Journal: Easy solutions to up your productivity. 

That's what I thought to. What in the world is a treadmill journal? It's an excellent idea and it sort of incorporates your To Do list into a get 'er done list.  What you do in this journal is make 5 simple entries every day. Ready?
1.   .   Date and Time

2.    .   How long will you work today? [Just think if you work 3 hours a day for 6 days that will be 18 hours and imagine the pages you can pile up. The completed projects you will or could have done in that time. If you are writing a novel you can probably write at least 2 if not 3 pages in that time. In a week you would have 54 pages. Won't take long to finish a novel at that rate will it?
3.3.  What do you plan to work on? [This is all about focus. If you know what you are going to work on you won't have to fiddle with selection. All you'll have to do is start at your appointed time.]

4.     .  How did it go? [What did you accomplish – was it smooth sailing, did you hit a snag? Reflecting on the day can help you plan a better day tomorrow or a repeat performance if that is in your mind.]

5.     .  When will you work tomorrow and for how long? [This gets your focus back to what you'll do tomorrow and while you sleep your subconscious mind will be plotting where you are going for you.]

So reve up your mind and get producing.

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Andi Pray said...

That is excellent way of thinking. Treadmill journal. It's like calculating your steps in what you want to accomplish. I can use this idea to balance my school work (6 1/2 more weeks left) and get some writing in there. I have a story that is driving me crazy to be written. :D But I have three research papers to do as well. :O
Thanks for the idea.