Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do a Piano and you have in common?

I read something to day that really brought home just how incredible we are as human beings. Brad Yates talked about an analogy between people and a grand piano. “I think human beings are like grand pianos—incredible creations capable of producing wonderful music.” I add or whatever good thing they dream of and work toward. Our self-talk can derail our dreams; uproot our fragile seedlings of beginnings before they get a chance to grow at all.

Think of some one you know and respect – your hero – be it Michelangelo or Bach, Beethoven, Natalie Goldberg, Kenny G, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Regan, Suzanne Lieurance, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale—whatever field they are in – Do you think they had a special break, or the luck of the draw?

Chances are they worked, faced defeat and rejection numerous times before they “won”. Joe Vitale was down and out, homeless, penniless, he's worth millions today. Not by luck, but through hard work and following his dream.

Not everyone can climb Mt. Everest, or design an Empire State building, Or be the thing someone else already is – I read a church billboard that said “Be Yourself—[the best you, you can be] — everyone else is already taken.” That is enough. That is what you should be. But, do not go to your grave with your music, your talent, still trapped inside you.

“Imagine a world where people felt free to share their grandest music…” Yates

What is your greatness? What if…? Think about it.

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