Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mind of a Genius

Are you ready for the twist - The ending you never saw coming? A really well-done suspenseful read for sure. Please leave a comment for David Snowdon. Thank you so much David for writing this for our reading pleasure.

Final installment of A Payment From Heaven, by David Snowdon

The phone started to ring and Suzi Dangerfield, dashed towards the phone and grabbed the receiver.
“Hello,” she said cautiously, her heart thumping as she answered the phone.

“It’s me.”

“Hello, darling,” she said cheerfully, a dazzling smile appearing on her face as she recognised her son’s voice. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. It was a payment from heaven, mum.”

“Well done,” she said, as she continued to smile.

“There’s going to be another one in twenty-fours hours.”

“Lovely,” said Suzi, as she held onto the phone. “Nice work, Chris.”

“One for you and one for me.”

“Good boy,” smiled Suzi. “He wouldn’t have given us the money if we had asked for it.”

“I know. Look, mum, I’ve got to go. I’ll give you a call when I’ve got it.”

“Okay,” she said. “Take care, Chris. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”
And the line went dead.

Still smiling happily, she replaced the receiver, walked over to the sofa and sat down.
Thirty minutes later, as she relaxed on the sofa, the doorbell rang.
Wondering who it was, a frown appearing on her pretty face, she got to her feet and walked towards the door to the living-room.She got to the front door and opened it.
As she opened the door, Detective Sergeant Cliff Wheeldon stared at her.
A plain clothed detective stood behind him and also stared at her.

“Evening, Mrs Dangerfield,” said Wheeldon. “Detective Sergeant Cliff Wheeldon and Detective Constable Ian Dainty from the Epsom police station. I was here this afternoon.”
He showed her his warrant card.

“Evening, Officer,” she said, as she glanced at his warrant card and stared at him. “I remember. What can I do for you?”

“Can we come in?”

Suzi stared at him.
“What’s it regarding?”

“Can we come?” said Wheeldon, repeating his question and meeting her stare.

“Sure,” she said, letting them into the house.
They followed her into the living-room. Then she faced them.
“Tell me, Officer. What’s it regarding?”

“Where is your husband?” said Wheeldon, watching her closely.

“He’s not in,” she said.

Wheeldon regarded her.
“I’m sorry to tell you this. Your son was intercepted at Putney pier with a briefcase full of money. £100,000.”

Suzi felt her heart skipped a beat.
“Oh, my God! We thought he’d been kidnapped!”

“Your husband didn’t mention that earlier,” said Wheeldon.

“He was sworn to secrecy,” said Suzi rapidly. “They said they would kill him if we called the police.”

“Did they?” said Wheeldon.

“Yes,” said Suzi, feeling very nervous.

“When will your husband be back?” asked Dainty.

“I don’t know,” said Suzi.

Wheeldon stared at her.
“Your husband withdrew £100,000 from the bank today, and that was the exact amount that was found on your son when we arrested him. Can you explain that, Mrs Dangerfield?”

“What do you mean?” snapped Suzi, her eyes flashing angrily as she glared at him.
Wheeldon smiled at her.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, Mrs Dangerfield, but I planted a bug when I was here this afternoon. This house has been under surveillance for the past couple of hours.”

“I thought that was illegal,” said Suzi, as her heart thumped furiously.

“We intercepted the phone call that you just had with your son,” continued Wheeldon. “You’re under arrest, Mrs Dangerfield.”

“What’s going?” snapped Dangerfield, suddenly walking into the living-room, a puzzled expression on his face as he stared at Wheeldon.

“I’m afraid you’ve been played for a sucker, Mr Dangerfield,” said Wheeldon. “Your wife and son engineered the fake kidnap.”

Dangerfield was shocked as he looked from the officer to his wife. He couldn’t believe his ears.

Klawitter was an angel in disguise, he thought, as he gaped at his wife, a shocked expression on his face. If it wasn’t for him, they would have got away with it.

Written by David Snowdon
David thank you so much for your fun story! I will post my interview with David again tomorrow if you would like to know more about the man and his Genius Mind.


David Snowdon said...

Thanks for hosting me, Billie. It's been an absolute pleasure being on your blog.

Word Crafter said...

It me who should be thanking you David - it was great fun - I enjoyed reading A Payment From Heaven - you do such a great job of cranking up the suspense. I really didn't suspect Mama and son - I've often thought of that what if? in kidnapping cases but never wrote it.
Thanks again for being here and many sales to you with The Mind of A Genius.

Annie Wicking said...

Great blog!