Sunday, July 1, 2007

Christmas in July

Star* Publish Times – July 1, 2007


Billie A. Williams (script writer of A Christmas Dream) and Janet Elaine Smith (author of the original novel A Christmas Dream) will discuss the soon-to-be-released play on Monday, July 2, on Janet's program "Marketing for Fun and Profit." It can be heard at at 9:30 p.m. ET. "Marketing for Fun and Profit" is sponsored by Star* Publish LLC, and they strive to bring you a variety of interesting and cutting-edge issues every week.

The 3-act play is geared towards small-medium sized community theater groups, highschool/college drama clubs, dinner theaters and the like. The setting is quite simple, and the cast less than 20 people. The co-authors are already gearing up for a marketing campaign to hit community theaters as soon as the script is available. Their goal is to have it presented in at least one theater in each of the 50 states. Lofty? Perhaps, but as Susan Quincey (the heroine in the book) will tell you, "Miracles still happen, especially at Christmas time."
The book has been compared by many readers to Miracle on 34th Street. They already have one prepublished review, which can be seen

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